Understanding Dimension7

There are seven veils of illusion in human consciousness. The seventh veil is the first veil. This is the veil furthest from the human third eye and the first to dissolve. When a human awakens to their soul and recognizes that they are responsible for their own individual journey, the seventh veil evaporates. This is the stage at which they take mastery of their life and they start the journey heal on the inside. As soon as they transform themselves, the outer conditions reflect this and their life becomes more satisfactory. The concept of a “seventh heaven’ is presented to humanity as the best place one could be. However, the seventh dimension is the one in which the human stays blinded by illusion. In Dimension7, we invite you to break through the veil by way of artistic and cosmic design. Our visuals and concepts are designed to inspire your journey and the way forward as you break through the veil and release the fullness of your beautiful consciousness.